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Nursing Care Service At Home by supine health care

Nursing Care Service At Home

Nursing care service at home is very important and beneficial. Specially in countries like India where it can be really painful to always reach the hospital or clinic in brutal weather conditions with a lot of traffic.

More than 600 million Indians juggle the daily demands of work, home, children and caring for someone who may be disabled, ill, or aging. Managing busy families and the emotional decisions that must be made when caring for a loved one can be overwhelming.

Parents and adult children may live thousands of miles away from one another, separated by different cities, states, or even countries. Often, the demands and pressure of providing care can result in caregiver burnout—a state of physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion. It occurs when family caregivers do not get the help they need and are trying to do more than they are able to.

Nursing Service At Home can help

For many families, home health care is a beneficial choice. A safe and affordable solution that supports the family, while allowing your loved ones to stay in the comfort of their own homes and communities.

Nursing Care Service  At Home works with patients in their homes. It can include a variety of activities such as nursing care, rehabilitation services (for example, physical therapy), assistance with activities to maintain health such as taking medications.

These Nursing care services at home mainly work with the elderly, but also with younger children who have developmental or mobility issues. A Nursing Care service at home is great for people that would rather work outside of a hospital.

Our nursing care service at home ensures that ill, elderly, and disabled patients receive high quality, personal, and compassionate care. Nursing care service at home is designed to meet these needs by offering personalized service by experienced, professionally trained doctors, nurses, physiotherapists in the convenience of a patient’s home.

Nursing Care Service At Home by supine health care

Benefits of nursing care service at home

  • Delivered in the comfort of the patient’s home
  • Easier for family and friends to visit
  • Promotes healing and provides more safety from infections
  • Allows more freedom and independence
  • More affordable than inpatient care
  • Tailored to the needs of each individual patient
  • Reduces re-hospitalizations


A Higher Standard of Nursing Care Service at Home

Your loved one deserves care that’s nothing less than extraordinary. At Supine healthcare, our experienced, trustworthy, and compassionate caregivers provide different types of

Nursing care services at home to help keep family members living at home. From personal care to companion care and disabled transportation services, Supine health care’s nursing care services at home offers quality home care services for children, adults, and seniors.

Our nursing care service at home includes

-Doctors visit, advice, assistance, treatment at your doorstep

-health Checkup

-Observation and Assessment

-Wound care

-Pain management

-Medication and disease education

-Physical therapy in your house.

At Supine Health Care, our goals are to provide the patients the best care and educate them and their loved ones on their conditions and to keep them up-to-date on their care and progress. Supine health care has proudly offered exceptional home care services to patients throughout Bhopal, Indore and Patna.


Here are some other benefits of nursing care service at home

Nursing care service at home professionals can be there when you aren’t able to be. Do it from your end.

If you are care giving from a distance, if you are not being able to come visit to clinics or you want to take the benefits of these services at home, nursing care service at home can give you peace of mind. Trained and qualified professionals can assess and help you.

One-on-one focus and support.

Home health care clients have comparable or better health outcomes. Research has shown that clinical results are comparable or better with fewer complications when home care is provided to individuals with chronic conditions such as pneumonia, diabetes, or COPD.

Promotes healing and reduces the risk of infections

Nursing care service at home helps keep patient protected from the infections that they are exposed to in hospitals. Post surgery and critical care may leave patients more sensitive to the risk of relapse and infection. An at-home nursing care service can help the patient heal better and faster due to less exposure to infections.


At-home physiotherapies

With nursing care service at home, many physiotherapies can be provided at home to speed recovery from illness, injury or surgery. Home based therapy allows individuals to develop independence with daily activities in a convenient and comfortable setting which also decrease the chances of upcoming injury occurrences. Families are also able to be closely involved in the rehabilitation process.

Our goal is to is to treat an illness or injury in surroundings where the patient feels most comfortable. Nursing care services at home not only aid patient recovery, but can also allow patients to regain their independence, confidence and become self-sufficient again.

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