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On Monday, September 24th, 2018 Supine Health care is launching in Patna (Bihar)

Short Story About Supine Healthcare

Mantu Kumar, CEO


Supine Healthcare reiterates the pledge to help all and give hope to those who have lost hope. In this endeavour, while we have the best of an expert team of doctors taking care of the patients at one hand; we have an exemplary team of physicians who provide medical assistance to the not so wealthy class from negligible to no cost. No matter, what the story or situation is; Trust us to be there to help all and make things well again.

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The transforming healthcare scenario in Bhopal has led to the advent of Homecare – Healthcare services at home for the convenience of patients and their families.We at Supine Healthcare bring in clinical expertise supported by guidelines, well-trained, accredited professionals at all levels including physicians, nurses, and technicians.


About Us

We believe everyone should be able to receive the care they need in the place they love — HOME.

Founded in 2016, Supine healthcare is committed to delivering home care with compassion, excellence, and reliability. We are proud to be welcomed into homes every day to help our clients enjoy safe, independent, and fulfilling lives without worrying about cumbersome medical situations.

With Supine healthcare, you can be sure that you will receive hospital-quality healthcare in the comfort of your home. We provide doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists for home visits who have passed our rigorous hiring standards and have had their backgrounds and medical knowledge verified by senior doctors. We facilitate lab tests at home and medical equipment rentals, making health care more accessible for our patients.


Frequently Asked Questions

Supine Healthcare provides hospital services at your doorstep so that you don't have to struggle with your or your's loved one's health. Supine healthcare not only helps you with your health issue but also provide you with a cheap alternative to expensive medications.
There are many ways to reach us. One of the most effective and easy way is to call us on- +91 748829528.
Supine Healthcare holds the health records and database of every customer that receive our services, so that in future if required you don't have to re-run your test to show your health background. And don't worry! we will not share your data with anyone unless and until required.

A choice that makes the difference

Supine Healthcare has been expertly designed to provide trusted, high quality, personalized and professional healthcare services at home.

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